Kristy's Dance Fusion Inc.
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Male Dress Code

Ballet Class
Black Dance Shorts
White Fitted Short Sleeve T-shirt or tank top
Black Ballet Slippers (full sole is required)

Male ballet dancers in the graded ballet program - black tights, a dance belt, white very fitted tank top or t-shirt and black ballet shoes.

Hip Hop Class

T-shirt or Tank Top Loose Fitting Pants or Shorts (non-restrictive)

Nike Roshe One - Black, White Sole, Metallic Grey Check Mark

All Hip Hop groups require this shoe with the exception of the following 2 groups:  Pre-Intermediate 2 Hip Hop and Senior Hip Hop crew.

• Outdoor shoes are strictly prohibited from being worn in the studio
No blue jean or denim of any kind

Creative Dance, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Contemporary Classes
Black Jazz Pants or Black dance shorts
White or Black Fitted Short Sleeve T-shirt
Black leather Split-sole Jazz Shoes for Junior, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate & Advanced dancers (would prefer pull-on shoe with no laces)
Black canvas gym slipper with criss-cross elastic over the top of foot for Creative Dance classes                                                                                                                                        Contemporary class - bare feet

Tap Class
Black Jazz Pants or Black dance shorts
White or Black Fitted Short Sleeve T-shirt
Black Leather Tap Shoe Junior, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate & Advanced Dancers
• Laces or no laces is acceptable until the Pre-Intermediate 2 level.  Pre-Intermediate 3 and up ~ laces on the black tap shoes will be required.

Acro Dance
• Shorts
• Fitted shirt
• Bare feet

Equipment List for PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique)

- A fit/Swiss ball for the required size for your height (see below for sizing details)

- Small hand ball (pink ball, tennis ball, or a soft massage ball)

- Medium ball (Soft ball 22”or 54cm in diameter. Try Walmart kids toys!)

-Resistance band, Medium strength, 9 feet in length.

(This is a lot longer than the off the shelf bands. I will look into providing an economical solution for the students. We won't use them for a few weeks.)

-Pilates or Yoga mat

Using your height to size up your ball:

When you stand next to an exercise ball, it should be even or slightly above your knee level. The best way to size up your ball is by sitting on it.

When you sit on the ball, your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle and your thighs should be parallel or even with the floor.

Find your height and see which ball size you should try first.

The following chart shows a slight variation of recommended heights for the different ball sizes you can choose from.

Height - Recommended ball size

Under 4'8"/142cm - 45 cm ball

4'8'' to 5'3''/142-160cm - 55 cm ball

5'4'' to 5'10”/160-178cm - 65 cm ball

5'10 to 6'4/178-193cm - 75cm ball

Dance Supplies can be purchased at: Dance Street 1020 Louise Ave.  Phone:955-2808